Thursday, 25 June 2009


I'm BACK!!! from Macau. St. Paul Ruiins was kinda a disappointment, coz it's super small when i thought i'll be damn big. It's a church afterall, how big can it get right? LOL. oh, and the Crypt was really cool, and solemn. it hids the bones and ashes of the people that died when the building was destroyed or sth. took many many pics~ haha. it's crazy going CASINOS and SHOPPING at ZHU HAI. that trip was quite ok, but a lil' too long coz there's really nothing much to do in Macau. haha.

Anyways, having a long break from work is like an ENERGIZER BATTERY. haha. i feel more ENERGIZED now. but i think i might nt be working for too long. maybe another couple of weeks or so and THAT's it!! i'm going to QUIT. ok, right, if my cash is enough. haha. Oh, and i put on weight. like grow FAT. i'm so sad nw. gonna go on diet already. okie dokies. nth much lately. work's stupid and boring, and weight increasing. ZZzzzZZZzz...... okie but one thing gd abt my job is that it makes me more.. ermm... thick skin? LOL. i mean i think i'm a lil' tougher emotionally. haha. everyday see ppl face colour, if i'm not tougher i think i would've died at my job man seriously~~

Saturday, 28 February 2009


i'm feeling restless.
i'm tired.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

I tink i wanna invent a new drink. Guess what? DINO MILOSAUR!! hahaha... i tink we'll get X-ed by XXXXXXX haha...

okie anw, i went to S.H.E. signature session yesterday!!!! so happy, get to see 3 chio bu! haha they so cute.. esp ELLA! haha.. she so cute!!! and she ytd kee siao dance re4 wu3.. so sexy lei, she too high liao la i tink. haha. i went with hq, wl, pf and xt. haha so fun. altho i nt v shou with them. but its a fun exp. haha. yayy get to shake hand. Ernest Lee, i help u sign ur album liao. haha.. =) but i shake ur HEBE hand u will jealous nt? lolx.

okies anw, got 2 proj. to do.. boohoo i hate sch la..

i got 2 bday party.. dunno wanna go nt. haiii...

Friday, 30 January 2009

haha sry for the late greetings.
been busy w lab reports.such a big BOO BOO when everyone is enjoying their festive hols.

anw, hehe so happy, cny gt ANGBAOZZZZzzz cant wait for more to come in. haha =) shall go my friends' house to bai nian right? den can cope more ang bao. haha..must save up, den i can go overseas during hols!! haha. so exciting la..oh, and hope the GOVT can give me money~ pls pls pls.. recession lei.. must stimulate consumption.. haha.

ahh i've no resolutions yet for this year. anw my resolutions always dun come true. so lets forget it. haha!= )okie i shall jy this sem, den results mei mei can liao... den everyone healthy and happy!! hah =)

Friday, 9 January 2009


boohooo, i hate sch. i dunno what modules can i take. i'm study w 2 mods that i totally dun feel like taking. but i don't have much choices, or rather, no choice. zZZZz. what a lie, 'yr 3 have priority' RIGHHHTTT.. i BELIEVE U, and i died. stupid school. SCREW UUUUUUUU!!!

so angry la. now all 4 of us are stuck w mgt mod. boohoo. obviously nobody wants the module la, coz the % of ppl choosing is so low. oh well. life sux.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

sch started alr!! so sian.
CBC 211 abd 214 is going to kill me i guess. the first one is maths-like and the other is physics like. MY GOD, did i hear PHYSICS?!!! THERMODYNAMICS. my goodness.

and 211 has stats stuff, calculating errors and stuff. so mathssssyyyy aaaahH!!

ok i gotta jy again this sem. no more honey-moon-ing la... damn sad. boohoo.

oh btw, my textbooks cost me $99.40 in total. so EX!

Monday, 1 December 2008


the hols are here!! hehe. wheee!! =) i'm trying nt to tink too much abt my results.. so i'll heck care and play first. i'll deal with those emo stuff when it's time LOL!! =) so meanwhile, it's PARRRTY TIME!

i've been spending like a mad woman. i'm spending 100's. OOHhh but WAIT, haha they owe me money. so i DIDN't spend 100's. haha =) okie, it's time to collect back my money when they're all back but first, i must write down who owe me what. lolx. i'm just too freee. but it's only going to be 1 mth of freedom. ARGH. it's time for work after KL trip i wanna earn BIG buckS. if nt next sem no need to spend liao.=x pocket money will never be enuff de la. save how long oso same one. i go sale den all gone alr. haha. so everyone, STOP ME. if nt really no need go overseas.

okok, anw, i'm crapping alot. too tired. today wake up at 8am. stupid dollar. wake me up. RAH. but nevertheless, he have to accompany me the whole day. lol. so i wun be tt bored la. entertain him lor. aha.

ohh, i bought new N.U.M slippers. hehe. so happy. ok and nth alr. i'm gg to meet up w my girls after my KL trip. WHEE hhEE =)

and v long nv see the siao ginnas. can someone, other than me, plan sth? lolx.